advertisingIf you’re in business you need people to know you exist. But more than that, you need people to know you exist, and want, no NEED to buy your product or service. How do you get people to know you exist and need your product or service? You advertise.

Advertising is an expensive business and it takes a special kind of mind to create advertising campaigns that attract, connect and deliver (ACD). You can try it yourself and spend a fortune to realise you wasted your time and money. Or you can hire an outstanding advertising PR company who can blow you away with their imaginative and ingenious ad campaigns.

Where do you find such a company you may ask?

Well, you can search on Google for a start. You can ask your friends. Maybe your nan knows someone? Or how about newspapers adverts? TV?

Yes, you can try all of those but you’ll never find a company as insanely entertaining, and crazily intellectual as the buffoons over here at Storm UK.

Storm UK made it a mantra to attract the most insane minds in advertising. You should see our office it’s crazy. But all this madness has a method. And that is to tap into the dark recesses of the human mind and find the right buttons to push to make human beings act without thinking. You see we need them to act without thinking, because if they thought about it they would never buy your stupid product or ridiculous service. But that’s what we do see. We get people to buy from you and you pay us for the privilege.

So if you’re looking for an advertising company to put your brand on the map, then give us a shout. What have you got to lose apart from our extortionate fees?

Actually, we just had this very satisfied client who appointed us to create an advert for them. Check it out here Simply Removals.

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