PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

PPC marketingDid you know Google drives billions of pounds worth of business every week?  The reason is simple. There are millions of searches every week. Most people use Google to find things, so if you have a thing you want to be found, then you want it to be on Google.

Now, there’s two ways you could go. You could hire an SEO company and pay fortunes every month to make a slow steady process up the Google rankings. Or you could use PPC advertising and be found instantly. The trouble with this is it’s expensive. People (who don’t know what they’re doing) think they can add their credit card details to Google and just press play. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. That’s a sure fire way to get your bank balance drained.

No, you need skill, finesse and expensive software to run a Google Ad campaign effectively. We invest thousands every month on software that allows us to hone Google campaigns to perfection. You want an ROI. You want to get more money back than you spend out, otherwise it’s simply not worth it.


How PPC Works

PPC works by bidding on specific keywords and paying every time a person clicks your ad. You might bind five pounds per click, and if so you’ll be paying five pounds for every click your advert receives. So it’s vital you don’t get any wasted clicks. Your keywords and advert need to be laser targeted to people that are going to buy from you. If they buy from you, then if you’re making more than five pounds per sale, you’re in profit.

The art of effective PPC management is to target the right people with the right keywords. Then your landing page needs to be configured to sell, sell, sell. You can snare a trap for a bear, but you still need to kill it right? You need to kill it and skin it before you can eat it. So don’t go in half-cocked, hire a professional to manage your account for you. And not just any old professional, but a Storm UK professional.

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